Camilla Inteligente is a medical device that allows for patients to be transferred without being touched.



Our mission is to be the leading choice in transfers with our innovative device, satisfying our users needs, providing them with a high quality product, that is safe and easy to use.



To obtain a worldwide level of competitiveness of the product we offer, based in continuous improvement and adaptation to the requirements of each area in which CAMILLA INTELIGENTE is to be used.

Our Values



We have developed our device to improve the quality of life of our users. For this, we made use of initiatives that foster safety and minimize risks at the moment the transfers need to take place.



We take on the challenge of constant improvement. Providing the best global option for transfers is inseparable from the development and interaction of research programs focused in improving the existing life quality, always bearing in mind sustainability in the Health System.



CAMILLA INTELIGENTE is born to take a leap in the transfer of people, as it has been stagnant for decades globally, not keeping up with the impressive advance that has taken place in other areas of medical equipment.

Applicable in the Sports Area

Statistics of the most frequent lesions in Football

The objective of this research is to assess the incidence of the most common lesions in football.

In 2000, FIFA described lesion as: “Injury that occurred during football practice which caused the footballer to be absent from trainings and games, followed by the need of an anatomic assessment of the injured tissues and the corresponding treatment”. Part of this research is based on a 7-year research of Paús Vicente, Torrengo Federico, “Incidence of Lesions in Professional Football players”.

The research was conducted from 1991 to 2002 with the teams of Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata.


Download our article: Incidence of lesions in football. Days off due to lesion.

Football is a sport with a high incidence of lesions. During the 2008-2009 seasons a descriptive research was conducted with the objective of knowing the etiology of lesions in professional football in Spain and the number of days off each kind of lesion produces in the practice of this sport.


Bibliography and Background of Our Invention

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Interviews and Press Releases

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About Us


Alejandro Suvire

Chief medical officer y Founder


Lucas Martin Saldaña

Chief Financial Officer


Francisco Suvire

Senior Advisor

The team consists of 3 members: Dr. Alejandro Suvire, who is the medical director and the developer of the device. Alejandro’s father, Francisco - a retired professor of Applied Mechanics – also collaborated on the project. Nowadays, he is the Senior Advisor of the product development process. Additionally, Lucas Martin Saldaña was appointed as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Institutional Affairs.

Download our Line History

Our Acknowledgements

  • 1st Place of the “Incubando Salud” Annual Health Contest,

    in the Medical Equipment Category. Entity that belongs to the prestigious Fundación Barceló, Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.

  • Provincial Winner of the Award JCI TOYP

    Ten Outstanding Young People (Medical Innovation Category).

  • National Winner of the JCI TOYP

    Ten Outstanding Young People (Medical Innovation Category).

  • Camilla Inteligente was the only South American representative in the final of the UNICEF and Socialab worldwide call to participate

  • Acknowledgment in the Honorable Senate of Mendoza

    declaring Camilla Inteligente of legislative provincial interest.

  • Winner of the Raíces 2014 Award organized by LV Diez (Scientific and Technologic Research Category)

    with the added value of arriving to the shortlist of three candidates and having been chosen winner by public vote.

  • Publication in PYMES magazine

  • Formally called by the Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Ministry

    to present Camilla Inteligente in TECNOPOLIS by the call to participate of INNOVAR 2014 and later publication in the official catalogue of national innovations.

  • We were chosen by Meethub 2019

    Organized by Israel LATAM Chamber of Commerce, they immerse ourselves in the israel Start-Up ecosystem.

  • Recognition 2020

    by the Chamber of Deputies of the province of Mendoza.

  • We participate in Accelerate 2030

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    for more!


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